“Okay, Here we go-go!”  Ambassador for Youth has yelled this mantra from the rooftops for many, many years.  We have done the work, developed programs and language, and grounded ourselves in “turning lights on” to benefit youth and communities for over two decades.  Dr.Seuss’s Social Soapbox Saturday, Le Café Trion, Hello…My Name is World Trav’ler, Caring, Committed Hardcore Recharges, Silly Side of Serious, and Operation: Future Graduation, are but a few of the whimsical, thought evoking experiences that have put smiles on faces, honored those in need, as well as those who do the noble and necessary work.  There is an intrinsic joy in providing service to others and A4Y is grounded in joyfullll.  As we glance around and see the monumental need in working to build character in children across the nation and abroad we are not deterred.  Even more promising, we have a plan!

Years ago a wise man stated “I didn’t build it but I can fix it!” A4Y efforts are rooted in a philosophy that we are a “fix it” agent.  Our team gleans great satisfaction in knowing that we are” in the mix” by developing learning and teaching tools that will be gifted to both old and new carpenters alike. Having said that, we need your help!

So as we get started down our new path by launching our virtual presence through training and “swag that matters” please know that our alliance, with you, is to the benefit of all children but most significantly those “that need us most.” 

In shelters and group homes of every state of our America there are scores of children laboring to gain sure footing and find hope.  In cities across our great nation there are afterschool and summer programs that need both assistance and inspiration. They are crowded with youth eager to learn, excited to shine, and preparing themselves for the adventure ahead. They are sons and daughters whose names we don’t know managed by adults who symbolize a spirit of caring.  Life can be difficult! It can also be richly rewarding!  So all aboard! The A4Y train is leaving the station with an excitement to put our name in the hat as an entity promoting personal growth, character development, and global citizenship!