An Ambassador for Youth is...
an Advocate
a Leader
About the Founder

Jesse Jordan, founder of Ambassador for Youth LLC, is an enthusiastic world traveler, photographer, and self-described “Social Pioneer.” He has a unique ability to motivate and inspire individuals, organizations and systems serving youth and families. Having purposely developed his own language and style, grounded in the fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Educational Neuroscience, his prop-driven, whimsical keynotes, trainings and presentations, break down barriers to effective communication, and turn aspects of conventional assumptions, about social services, inside-out.

Why Ambassador for Youth?

Speaks in a less conventional language that is easily heard and understood.

Proven effective for over 20 years with youth at the top of their class, falling off the margins, and everyone in between.

Adaptable to the Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare, Educational systems and all who strive to help youth grow and succeed.

Offers a blended learning style incorporating theater, music, photography and compelling conversations grounded in the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Educational Neuroscience.

Philosophy of social pioneerism, cutting new paths when old routes fail, promotes competent leadership validated by demonstrated, positive change in our clients.

Ready to be an Ambassador for Youth?

A4Y is currently working on both cirriculums and certifications.

We look forward to launching these soon!


Have you completed both A4Y courses?


Are you willing to document your effort in the journal provided?


Are you willing to design and present your 'Life Path' to an audience of your choosing, approved by your Ambassador?


Are you able to design and implement a 100% unique, dynamic, youth-friendly activity you can claim as your own intellectual property?


A4Y training includes: Space Matters Presentation


A4Y training includes: Tools in Your Toolbox Presentation


Are you ready to set a goal around health and fitness beyond your current ability and work to obtain?


Are you excited to earn and receive your "Suitcase of Global Significance?"

*Includes 6 hours of follow-up and supervision to be utilized anytime over the subsequent year


Service to others is the core value of Ambassador for Youth (A4Y). We build character and purpose in the lives of young people and all who serve them. Grounded in the belief that fun and play are essential to personal growth and development, we create whimsical, thought-provoking experiences that emphasize and promote self-reliance, global citizenship, and an appreciation for all of life’s adventures.