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Ambassador for Youth, a veteran owned business, provides youth serving organizations support for their clients, colleagues, and staff by offering educational programs and experiences, consultation, in person and affordable virtual trainings. We believe through words and deeds we can be “present in our absence” and create long lasting impressions that prove beneficial for a lifetime.

School Matters
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School matters
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Operation future graduation
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Our Mission

Service to others is the core value of Ambassador for Youth (A4Y). We build character and purpose in the lives of young people and all who serve them. Grounded in the belief that fun and play are essential to personal growth and development, we create whimsical, thought provoking experiences that emphasize and promote self-reliance, global citizenship and an appreciation for all of life’s adventures.

After School, Home School


Summer Programming

A4Y is excited to offer after school, home and summer programming that is unique from all the rest. Utilizing our collectibles boxes and whimsical content our intention is to impress all who participate. We are grounded in fun, ritual, globalism, character development and cultural competency. Reach out to us if you are interested in discussing our current platform of education or the possibility or creating something unique to meet your needs. The following 2 tracks, Hello…My Name is World Trave’ler and Character Counts, are melded in to a singular program, either 6 or 10 weeks, which are available for purchase for small groups or individuals.

Hello… My Name is World Trav’ler

In an effort to promote both global citizenship and social activism, Hello…My Name is World Trav’ler creates a myriad of experiences for elementary aged school children that has attendees dialoguing about intertwined economies, adventure, personal responsibility and histories with an emphasis on a deeper understanding.

This interactive, multi-media virtual course utilizes our collectibles boxes while taking participants around the world using a collection of photography, journaling, videography and storytelling. Stimulate the mind and travel will follow!

Character Counts

By attempting to walk in the shoes of another, elementary aged school childern, can develop a much deeper understanding of where someone has been. As well as, what direction they will choose to walk as they move forward on their own individual path of progress.

This interactive, multi-media virtual course utilizes our collectibles boxes in teaching participants the significance in building character while encouraging, celebrating and honoring each individual they meet as a champion of great conversation and critical thought. A4Y believes there is nothing more important than honorable character.

 Collectibles Boxes

Our current state-of-affairs requires us to seek new measures to enhance at home learning opportunities. A4Y takes great pride in developing thought provoking instruments and experiences that both teach and matter! Honor, Responsibility, Service, Geography and Culture are a few words that come to mind.

These versatile hands-on, collectibles inspire youth to place value and pride of ownership on treasures to be kept for a lifetime.

Additional Popular Programs

Operation: Future Graduation

Imagine a heartfelt ceremony that has your son or daughter envisioning themselves receiving their diplomas, years from now, from the University of Anywhere.

Life Path

Reflect on the paths you have chosen for a few minutes while considering the relevance of all experiences in developing an understanding of where you come from and where you are going.

License to Consider

Have you allowed yourself the opportunity to consider the limitless possibilities? Follow carefully crafted instructions from our carefully crafted workbook and discover the similarities and differences in each of our lives.

Think Tank: Light Bulb Moments

We recognize that we don’t always have the answers but have plenty of questions. This simple, yet effective, team building exercise will create a forum of conversation that may facilitate subtle gains and huge insights.


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