Hello My Name is World Trav’ler Collectible Box


Creating dreams for future travel and inspiration! This kit was created to teach young people about the world around them. Places to visit? Places to learn about? Cultures… food… architecture…climates…animals? Places to share with friends?

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The Hello My Name is World Trav’ler is a handcrafted box that is pre-assembled collectible box filled wirh tools that emphasize world travel and global citizenship that contain:

1x Instruction sheet, 1x Passport, 26X Postcards
1x HMNIST 4×6 sticker, Sealed envelope for Parents
1x A4Y Journal
1x 3″ Logo sticker
1x Dry Erase pen/red marker
5x Pay it Forward Postcards
A4Y 3″ Stickers

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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