Collectibles Box with full content supporting After, Home School and Summer Programming


Ambassador for Youth proposes educational programming for individuals or small groups of elementary or middle aged school students. Our initiative and deliverables emphasize individual character development, cultural competency and global citizenship. We envision each participant to have their own ‘Collectibles Box’. Our effort will be grounded in filling each box with thought provoking content that teaches valuable life lessons. Upon conclusion, each collectibles box will be ceremoniously gifted to each participant in the hopes they keep it for a lifetime. Each box will eventually include the following: 

  • A4Y Global Passport 
  • A4Y Journal
  • Complete set of 50 character match cards in a burlap drawstring bag 
  • Complete set of 25 character cloths in a burlap drawstring bag 
  • One set of 50 hand-drawn caricatures of historical figures past and present
  • One set of 25 handmade personalized postcards from countries around the world 

In total over 150 teaching tools in each box that can be utilized in a myriad of ways

To introduce this program, A4Y will conduct a 30 minute Q&A with participating staff. Thereafter, our intent is to provide 10 virtual trainings, once a week, each lasting approximately one hour. Participating staff will assemble collectible boxes and be prepared to act as the liaison between A4Y and the comprehensive content of each box per child. Be mindful that both the collectibles boxes and the content will arrive in separate packaging to be distributed. Simply put… your kids, our collectible boxes, 10 virtual training’s over 10 weeks, each participant collecting a litany of keepsakes central to teaching character, culture, and globalism. 


  • Collectibles boxes with content at $80 each
  • 10 virtual trainings at $200 per training = $2,000

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In an effort to promote both global citizenship and social activism, Hello…My Name is World Trav’ler creates a myriad of experiences that has attendees dialoguing about intertwined economies, adventure, personal responsibility and histories with an emphasis on a deeper understanding of the simplicities and complexities of globalism. This complete course provides a wonderful opportunity to inspire, educate, and activate kids and adults of all ages.
What is it?
HMNIWT is a dynamic, multimedia experience that takes participants around the world using the photography, videography and storytelling of veteran world travelers Garry Tutte, Carl Kerridge and A4Y founder Jesse Jordan who have collectively adventured to and through over 75 countries. Stimulate the mind and travel will follow!


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