If you look deep into most trees you’ll see the skeleton and organs of a long, vibrant, well lived life.  Get to the guts and you’ll see faint and not so faint internal rings depicting year after year after year after year.  A perch for any of nature’s birds to sit and clean to preen.  The tiniest little reptiles that dart and dash and avoid those seeking beaks that look to nab and nosh and exterminate a short life that was very well lived. But what A4Y finds most captivating, most remarkable, most endearing are the Oversized Backyard Indigenous Tree Spiders.  Often, they are difficult to spot.  They are masters of camouflage, and typically fly solo.  They are mute quiet and move through the canopy with a grace and ease that aren’t depicted by any other of nature’s arachnids. They are solitary creatures that want for little and complain less.  Enticing one of the majestic creatures into the open for a looky see is masterful art that might only be accomplished by the most masterful artists. They didn’t evolve to this level of distinction by being easily lured from their lair by a piper of fife.  A symphony of music to their tiny little ears are what they request.  But when they are courted and accept an invitation to be seen one can only appreciate the marvel of magnificence and promise to do no harm.  They are both necessary and noble and make for a story of disbelief.  Had I not seen it with my own eyes, over and over again, I wouldn’t have believed it myself.

Garden art and sculpture created by Jesse Jordan