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Each course, Character Counts & Hello…My Name is Trav’ler, includes approximately 10 hours of interaction, programming and activities to prompt people’s sense of imagination and wonder. We also offer the individual programs, included in the full courses, as stand-alone products. These are ideal for parents and leaders of small groups.

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Complete Courses

Each of our courses follows an intentional, thoughtful curriculum.

Hello…My Name is World Trav’ler

Hello…My Name is World Trav’ler (HMNIWT) promotes global citizenship and social activism while discussing topics such as tolerance, intertwined economies, adventure, personal responsibility, histories, great conversation and cultural inclusion. This course provides a wonderful opportunity to inspire, educate, and activate people of all ages. Full curriculum available upon request.

Who this for?

Character Counts

We believe that by attempting to walk in the shoes of another one can develop a much deeper understanding of where they have been, what direction they might choose to walk, as participants move forward on their own lifepath.

Why take this?
Participants learn the significance of character-building and are celebrated and honored as champions of character, great conversationalist, critical thinkers, and global citizen.

 Additional Programs & Experiences

Ideal for small groups, leaders, parents, and educators our individual programs and experiences are available as stand-alone products that uplift.

Character Cloths

Want to teach character? What better way than to gift 6 inch colorful cloths with individual character qualities emblazed on the front of each and stuffed into small drawstring bags to be kept for a lifetime.

Operation: Collect Postcard Will Travel

Words of wisdom, sharing, cultural insight, geography, global discovery and scripts of thoughtful communication manifest into a series of hand crafted post cards that are sent to the recipient of your choice.

License to Consider

Follow the smart simple instructions from our thought provoking handbook and engage in the art and craft of meaningful dialogue while seeking to discover the similarities and honor the differences of each of our lives.

Life Path

Virtually discover treasures accumulated from one mans life of adventures before participants explore and reflect on their own viability while interacting and conversing with other people from all walks of life.

Operation: Future Graduation

A joyful ceremony to motivate future high school graduates. Early education students are paired up with older, enthusiastic supporters to engage in conversations about the importance of graduating years from now.

Journaling with Jesse Jordan

Explore the library of travel journals created by A4Y founder, Jesse Jordan. Then revel in receiving your own journal and learn techniques to personalize your own pages with art, writing, and a lifetime of creativity.


For more information on any of our programs, please send us a message via our Contact form.

Who does AFY serve?

Educators, Social Workers, Administrators, Counselors, Youth Advocates, Parents, Students of all ages

What is the purpose of AFY programming?

To provide training and insight in moving people further faster.

How can AFY certification promote my growth as a professional?

AFY is a platform that promotes personal growth and leadership that will segue into professional development and opportunities.

How do I know if AFY is a good fit for me?

If you are looking for innovative, insightful experiences that promote self-growth and development, provide clever tools that support the learning process and create a sense of fun and whimsy then AFY is right for YOU!

How can AFY assist my youth serving agency?

Our small team of experts can address and support all areas of operation in providing answers to existing shortcomings and problems.

What are some adjectives that best describe AFY programming?

Clever, Colorful, Virtual, Relevant, Whimsical, Smart, Visionary, Replicable, Culturally Competent, and Thoughtful